About Us


Camelot Volunteer Fire and Rescue is committed to being the most effective and diverse fire department possible.  It is committed to protecting the lives and property of the community and surrounding areas in which it serves.  This commitment will be made through the members’ willingness to execute their extensive knowledge and training.  The department will continuously seek out all possible educational programs through state and local resources improving the department’s knowledge on fire and emergency response tactics. 


As a member of Camelot Volunteer Fire and Rescue, I will:

  • Commit to not making claims of qualifications I do not possess. 

  • Commit to uphold the professionalism of the department in which it was intended. 

  • Commit to being accountable for myself as well as my fellow members. 

  • Commit to avoid association with any businesses or persons who may jeopardize the beliefs, goals and performance of emergency response personnel.

  • Commit to work as a team and learn the diversity and interest of each member.

  • Commit to working with other local and state agencies enabling Camelot to become a positive and recognizable entity throughout the community.

  • Commit to be loyal to the members of this department, the community and the surrounding areas in which it serves.

  • Commit to handling personal differences in a professional and private manner.

upon dispatch by Bexar County Fire Alarm. We  will respond to calls with in the areas of Northeast Bexar County TX bordered by New World to Gibbs-Sprawl & Walzem to Crestway. Our fleet includes a Class A pumper, a back up pumper, and two brush trucks.

WE PROVIDE FIRST RESPONDER SERVICES as a member department of the Bexar County, TX First Responder's Network. We are capable of handling a variety of EMS assist situations. Our fleet includes a rescue unit equipped to support patient until an American Medical Response ACLS unit arrives to transport patient to medical facility.




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